Tank Trouble

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tank trouble

Tank Trouble is an exciting game that up to three players at a time can play. The primary goal is to destroy your rival’s tank using your vehicle in differently designed stages. The controls employed by the first player are the “Arrow keys” for movement. “M” is for firing at other tanks. The second player has “E, S, D, F” to navigate their vehicle and “Q” to fire. The third player uses the mouse.
Bonuses appear throughout the game, and they offer stronger firepower for one time when picked. To defeat your opponent, you use a perfect computation. The buttons located on the bottom left are settings to adjust the game. They also turn the sounds of the game on and off. You get the best score by eliminating your opponent within the shortest time possible.
Tank Trouble is a fun game for those that know how to play. Get your friends and see who is stronger.